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Atlantic Hope CERT Training

On Feb 13th, 6 people from the WAU community participated in a customized training to learn the principles of Community Emergency Response Training or CERT.  This program was started by FEMA to enable the community to act when disaster strikes.  The training taught participants the basics of first aid, how to maintain safety before, during and after a natural or man-made disaster.  These programs are provided by each county for their residents.  This one day program enabled our WAU community to prepare for a 4 day simulation entitled Atlantic Hope, in Ft. Pierce Florida from March 8 to March 11th.

Atlantic Hope is a 4 day and night simulation that prepares students to provide humanitarian aid in the conflict zone.  Students are housed in military like tents, fed basic rations and simulate leading and managing a camp of 50, negotiating with local military and displaced peoples, providing basic evacuation and triage of mass causalities and assessing a village hit by an earthquake. Two of your fellow nursing students Darryl Staten and Cherrylyn Remigio both attended this training.  They slept outside in tents, in the rain, got less than 6 hours sleep a night, managed with one flush toilet and no showers from Thursday to Sunday night. They ate rice and beans for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch and pasta and bread for dinner each day.  There were no runs to the local McDonalds for a mocha latte.   Local EMT students participated as simulated bomb victims covered in moulage, with debris sticking out of their skulls, moaning and groaning.

This program provided the students with the leadership, logistics and negotiation skills that will allow them to be fully prepared for work in the future with the Red Cross, Peace Corps or mission work around the world. We all came back tired, dirty and hungry but we came back excited with new ideas to implement and new opportunities opened up to us.  Thank you to Dean Marshall for supporting this opportunity.