Vision 2020

January 2012

The Spirit is growing at Washington Adventist University!

We are now at a critical point in the development of a master plan to facilitate expanded enrollment, new undergraduate and graduate programs, increased technology, increased aid to an aging infrastructure and the modernization of the campus.

During the past year, we engaged consultants to work with trustees, students, faculty, staff, Washington Adventist Hospital, and the community to gather data in developing a long-term plan for the University – Vision 2020.  I am happy to report that there was a high degree of excitement among the participants to create a master plan to support the WAU learning community far into the future.  A major feature of the plan is that there is a consistent focus on what is best for students’ learning experience.  It is a bold plan that provides an excellent foundation by addressing essential academic and environmental priorities.  This plan builds on the work of previous administrations, along with input from the leadership of Washington Adventist Hospital and Adventist HealthCare, Inc.

The campus master plan is our facilities blue print for the future, and like any plan, priorities will be revised and new and better ideas will immerge.  The plan can be found on the University web site .  It is an ambitious undertaking and provides for the direction needed to make sound financial decisions and articulate specific needs for future academic programs and buildings.  Continue to keep the University in your prayers because we are committed to the task of engaging minds and transforming lives.