Profile of Deans

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Timothy Nelson
is the dean of men for Morrison Hall. After graduating from WAU/CUC he decided to join the Morrison Hall team initially, as the assistant dean of men and has now been head dean for eight years. He continues to be an excellent leader at Morrison Hall. In his spare time Dean Nelson enjoys talking with God, being active, and spending time with his wife.

Phone: (301) 891- 4046


Morrison-Hall-Dean-1In 2012 Jean Innocent acquired the role of assistant dean which allowed him to be involved in a personal way with the residents of Morrison hall. Dean Innocent takes great pleasure in the encouragement and uplifting of students campus wide and is not afraid to share his testimonies of God’s goodness to those who are going through struggles and to those who are seeking to know more about him. In his spare time he enjoys spreading God’s love to others, experiencing new things, and cooking.

Phone: (301) 891- 4045