Provost Office

Cheryl Kisunzu, Provost

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Education Profile:

PhD: Educational Leadership, Andrews University 2011
MSN: Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, Rush University 1980
BSN: Andrews University 1977


I have the treasured blessing of being the only daughter of parents who were educators in the segregated South within a farming community of my home state of Georgia. It was through the daily observation of their commitment to create distinct educational opportunities for the black children in our farming community (who sought to learn with minimal, discarded or no resources and against all odds) that my own passion for excellence in learning was nurtured. Later, my advocacy for access to excellence in learning for all people was intentionally affirmed as my parents then became the first academic leaders of our community’s integrated school. Empowering their hearts and defining their legacy was their faith in Christ which compelled them to love, esteem and refine the gifts and abilities of each life entrusted to their sphere of responsibility. I share this commitment to celebrate the power and potential of each student who learns at WAU such that they become our world’s most distinctive competent moral leaders.

Professional Activities:

 “Anchoring Change in Higher Education Narratives from Senior Executives at Malcolm Baldrige Award-Winning Institutions is the focus of my doctoral studies because I believe in the power of mentorship. Through these studies – I gained insights from distinctive academic leaders specific to proven strategies for progressive, intentional and significant organizational transformation which continue to inform my leadership today. Furthermore, I enjoy the healing and vibrant living insights which emerge from my training as a family nurse practitioner – as through these understanding I work to affirm a culture of learning that encourages others to fully experience their life’s calling. Since my husband is from the Democratic Republic of the Congo – together, we enjoy celebrating his culture even as we seek to be a blessing to the members of our global family. For fun, I enjoy music, orchids and exploring the outdoors, which makes the seasons of the DC metropolitan area especially delightful.