Health Services

The university is concerned for the health and well-being of each student.  A physician and/or nurse practitioner are available nearby for consultation by appointment. Fees for their services may be placed on the student’s account. The emergency facilities of Washington Adventist Hospital, adjacent to the campus, are available to students.   

To ensure that each student has adequate health care access in the event of an emergency or serious illness, WAU’s Health Services also manages the health insurance application process. For students who do not have other coverage, application forms are available at in the Office of Student Life (WH428). Insurance application forms are to be completed by the student during registration. If the student has coverage, a waiver form must be filled out and turned in so that the insurance charge is not applied to their account.

Contact Us:

Health Services:  301-891-4009

Halcyon Hall Desk:  301-891-4174

Morrison Hall Desk:  301-891-4043

Dr. Ho, Campus Physician:  301-891-6100

Dr. Cecelia Lester Campus Physician: 301-891-3030

Safety & Security:  301-891-4019

Student Life:  301-891-4110