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The Ciccarelli Bennett Ministerial Scholarship

CiccarelliAlthough he was raised in a Catholic family and attended Catholic schools for 10 years, when it came time for college, Vince J. Ciccarelli wanted to attend Washington Missionary College because of a Seventh-day Adventist girl he met in high school. And as that Adventist girl—now Alberta Bennett Ciccarelli—says, “the rest is history.”

Vince was baptized at Sligo Church in 1950. Alberta graduated that same year with an associate’s degree in business. The following year Alberta and Vince were married in their hometown of Rochester, New York. They returned to Takoma Park for Vince’s last year of college. He graduated from Washington Missionary College in 1952.

The Ciccarellis then moved to California, where Vince went on to receive a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Southern California in 1957. Vince joined the staff of the Inter-Community Medical Center in Covina, California, where he is now director of pharmacy services. Vince has implemented a pharmacy training program for interns and directed the installation of computerized pharmacy services in the in-patient and out-patient settings.

Alberta continued her education at California State Polytechnic University where she earned a bachelor’s degree in behavioral science in 1971. She worked as a personnel director for a hospital in Duarte, California, and administered an orthopedic surgeons’ group. Alberta now spends more time with her photography business. She specializes in studio and environmental portraits, and her nature work was published in Country magazine and Best Photographer’s Annual 1995.

Vince and Alberta have four children—Susan Kennedy, Caryl Patten, Lori Brooks, and Jon—and three grandchildren—Chelsea, Chase, and Jeremy.

History repeats itself in the Ciccarelli family. Their son, Jon, met a Catholic girl named Lisa, she became an Adventist, and they are now married. Jon is a youth pastor in southern California.

Columbia Union College is a very special place to the Ciccarellis. Not only is CUC their alma mater, it is where Vince became and Adventist, where they became engaged, and where they lived for their first year of marriage. Because this college is so special to them, they have generously established the Ciccarelli-Bennett Ministerial Scholarship Fund to assist ministerial students with financial needs.


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