English & Modern Languages Department Faculty

Violeta Mack Donovan

Education Profile

BA in Spanish, Antillian College – presently Universidad Adventista de las Antillas, 1979
M.Ed, Andrews University, 1983
Doctorate in Modern Languages (DML), Middlebury College, 2013


Dr. Violeta Mack Donovan was born and raised in Puerto Rico. With parents from the Caribbean, she experienced the blend of Puerto Rican and Caribbean cultures. She improved her fluency in French by spending several months in Guadeloupe and six weeks in France. She enjoys teaching languages, and believes that all students can learn another language once they are willing to accept coaching and if they are self-motivated. It would be her pleasure to be your language learning coach.

Professional Activities

As a member of the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese and the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, Dr. Donovan has had the opportunity to present workshops at their conferences. One of the most recent workshops, Speaking Activities for the Foreign Language Classroom, was presented at the Florida Foreign Language Association.

The topic of her dissertation is related to oral error correction techniques. This is presently a very relevant and highly debated issue in the teaching and learning of other languages; it continues to be an area of great interest to Dr. Donovan.