Honors College: Administrative and Student Leaders

It has been a strange and crazy year, that’s goes without saying. But even during a pandemic (especially during a pandemic?) people are an important part what we do. The Honors College relies heavily on students — like you — to make our programs and offerings the best they can be. Our student officers play a major role in everything that happens at the Honors College — from social programming to leadership and service opportunities to academic engagement. Our officer photos this year have a relatively obvious COVID-19 feel, as you will see below. To contact any officer, please email us at honorscollege@wau.edu. To see a profile of some of our former leaders and alumni, please visit our Alumni Page. To contact our Faculty team, please email:

Professor Bradford Haas: Director, Honors College  bhaas@wau.edu

Dr. Jonathan Scriven: Associate Director, Honors College  jscriven@wau.edu

Honors College Student Officers: 2020-2021