Registration Process

After having been accepted to WAU, you need to register for classes, which can be done online, or by visiting our campus and contacting the Records Office.

In order to be financially cleared for classes, international students must present an advance tuition payment of $9100, or half of the year’s tuition. The remainder of the balance may be paid in four equal installments.

International student services

WAU offers various services to the International students through:

WAU International Students Office
The purpose of this office is to assist students while their stay in the United States. Provides orientation to the academic and social life of the College and advises international students of their rights and responsibilities with respect to immigration regulations.

International Students Association
The association helps the students to develop leadership qualities and fosters unity in diversity.

Academic Services
Once the student is enrolled at WAU the following academic services are available:

Academic Advising
Each student is assigned to an academic advisor who will assist in the program planning and scheduling of courses from semester to semester.

Career Counseling
Career counseling is provided by individual faculty members and the Career Services Department to students involved in the program and is seeking help in planning for a career.

Computer Facility
Computers with internet access are available in the residence halls and the computer labs. All residence hall students have internet access.

Professional School Recruitment
Various professional college and universities conduct student search on the WAU campus for programs like medicine, engineering etc. Appointments with professional school recruiters are made through the academic support office.

Testing Services
Testing services are provided to students, including GLEP, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT and others.

First Year Experience
All first year students are required to attend the orientation that is held prior to the commencing of the Fall Semester. It includes activities that assist students in their adjustment to college life. All freshman are also part of the First Year Experience program.

Health Insurance
Because of the high cost of medical care in the USA and the inability of students to plan for these unexpected costs, all international students are required to be covered under a health plan through the College. This applies unless the student can show proof of insurance coverage that is valid in the U.S.

Residence Halls
Morrison Hall (men) and Halcyon Hall (women) house students who live on campus. WAU requires those single international students who are under 22 years of age to reside in the residence halls. Married students can find housing accommodations within the community.

Religious Services
Religious activities and services are an important part of college life. A college church is located on campus, and students have access to many Seventh-day Adventist churches in the metropolitan area. A full-time campus chaplain coordinates religious activities and provides spiritual counseling. Worship for dormitory students and weekly chapel for the entire student body are part of the spiritual life at Washington Adventist University. For students who are not Seventh-day Adventists, a wide variety of other Christian churches and other worship settings (for those who are not Christians) are available in the Washington DC area.

Remedial/Developmental Programs
WAU provides services for those who may need to improve verbal, quantitative, and reading skills.

Tutoring is arranged for those who need help in their academic work by individual programs and departments.

Please use this check list to ensure that you have the necessary documentation completed.