Tuition and Fees

WAU is committed to keeping the overall cost of attendance as affordable as possible. For the past three years, WAU has kept its tuition rate the same.  Minimal increases have been made to mandatory fees.

Academic Year  - 2012-2013



General Fee

$ 670

Technology Fee

$ 650

Room and Board**

$ 7,600

Books and Supplies***

$ 1,200

Total Yearly Cost (Off Campus) is $21,420

Total Yearly Cost (On Campus) is $29,020

*Tuition. WAU has a block tuition rate. This amount assumes you are taking between 12-16 hours per semester and that you will be in school for two semesters during the school year. The tuition rate for students taking less than 12 hours or more than 16 hours is $760 per credit hour.

**Room and Board. All dorm students are required to be on the meal plan. Our dining hall offers an appealing vegetarian buffet. The meal plan consists of 3 meals a day Monday – Friday and 2 meals on Saturday and Sunday.

***Books and Supplies. Students can expect to pay an average of $1,200 for books for the year. Once a student is financially cleared, a bookstore debit account is set up so they can charge their books. That charge is then reflected on their student account. The student is only charged for what they purchase.