Religion: Douglas Morgan, Ph. D.

Douglas Morgan, holds Ph. D. from Chicago University. His expertise in the Adventist History and historical developments in the Christendom brings to the Department of Religion the historical basis for building on the knowledge of the past. He teaches Adventist Heritage, Religion and American Culture, and Mission and History of Christianity in two parts. The close relationship between the Religion Department and the History Department is further linked with the new options of the pre-law emphasis that both departments offer as an option to their students as well as some creative ways in which Dr Morgan and Dr Plantak as well as Dr Michael Kulakov and Dr Plantak cooperate in jointly team-teaching in the numerous topics courses as well as joint course, Readings in Christian Social Thought, Adventism and Postmodern Mind and other creative courses with and for WAU Honors Community.

Religion: Mikhail M. Kulakov, D. Phil.

Mikhail M. Kulakov, D.Phil., completed his Doctoral studies at Oxford University. He is Professor of Theology, History, and Philosophy. Dr Kulakov is an ordained minister; member of the New Hope Seventh-day Adventist Church; preaches, locally, nationally, and internationally; serves as chief editor of the new translation of the Bible into Russian and is director of the Russian Bible Translation Institute; currently in the third year of a five year sabbatical to complete the translation of the Bible into Russian; etc.

Religion: Olive J. Hemmings, Ph. D.

Olive J. Hemmings, while teaching at Washington Adventist University (formerly Columbia Union College), has completed a Ph.D. at Claremont Graduate University.  In her major, she places particular emphasis on the dynamic between Biblical Theology, Christian/Western culture and ethics.  She teaches, Biblical Theology, Pauline Theology, Introduction to the New Testament and other New testament courses, New Testament Greek and Moral Issues in World Religions. She brings to the department a particular passion for appropriating the Biblical text in its very rich and multiple cultural/historical contexts as it reflects genuine social struggles, particularly the struggle to understand and engage the divine in those struggles.  This passion has been tested for fifteen years of teaching and preaching in an Adventist institution of higher learning in Jamaica and 6 years at Washington Adventist University.   Dr. Hemmings wants her students to develop a deep and enduring faith through all their learning, doubting and questioning.  Dr Hemmings is a commissioned minister; involved in church leadership activities at the Sligo Seventh-day Adventist Church (Sabbath School Superintendent and Teacher); preaches locally, nationally, and internationally; member and presenter in the Adventist Society of Religious Studies and the Society for Biblical Literature; provides spiritual nurture and counseling to students and church members; member of the advisory board of Women’s Resource Center (La Sierra University); etc.

Religion: Bogdan Scur

Bogdan Scur, a Ph. D. student at Vanderbilt University, brings to the Department of Religion expertise in biblical studies, enthusiasm for biblical languages, both Greek and Hebrew, and passion to connect with students. His pastoral experience enhances his scholarship enthusiasm and appropriates it not to the isolation of the academia but inclusion into the real world and real life situations. As the Department’s expert in the Old Testament studies, Prof. Scur teaches Hebrew Prophets and other introductory and advanced Old Testament courses. With his passion for spiritual disciplines Prof. Scur has developed a new course on Christian Spiritual Formation which he teaches on undergraduate and graduate levels. Prof. Scur is an ordained minister; involved in church leadership activities at the Sligo Seventh-day Adventist Church (Sabbath School Teacher and Deacon); preaches locally, nationally, and internationally; provides curricular leadership in biblical spirituality courses offered in the department; provides spiritual nurture and counseling for students and church members; etc.

Religion: Gaspar Colon, Ph. D.

Gaspar Colon holds Ph. D. from New York University in Religious Education. His ministerial experiences in New York Metropolitan area, leadership in Family Life and Health Ministry areas on a local administrative level, as well as leadership roles in the Africa Indian-Ocean Division, Euro-Asian Division and at the General Conference in the role of the International Relations Director for ADRA International at the United Nations, as well as his passion for young ministerial students preparing for metropolitan and traditional pastoral ministry, encompass his enthusiasm as the Department’s expert in Pastoral Theology and Metropolitan Ministry. Dr Colon also continues to lead the Center for Metropolitan Ministries as its Director and to take the Community Action Leadership curriculum from WAU, where it was taught for many years, on the road around the North-American Division and around the world. Dr Colon has also been appointed as the Dean of the School of Arts and Social Sciences but most recently came back to a full time teaching position in the Department of Religion with special emphasis on the Pastoral Theology and metropolitan ministry. He is an ordained minister; elder, Sabbath School teacher, and co-director of community services at the Triadelphia Seventh-day Adventist Church; director of the Center for Metropolitan Ministry; member of the General Conference Committee for Comprehensive Urban Evangelism; member of the General Conference Committee for Medical Missionary Evangelism; co-founder of the Nonprofit Leadership Certification Program sponsored by Adventist Community Services in NAD; urban ministries consultant to the General Conference Office of Adventist Mission; preaches locally, nationally, and internationally; provides spiritual nurture to students and members of the church; member of the Adventist Society for Religious Studies and the society for Biblical Literature; currently co-authoring a Bible Study Guide of the General Conference Sabbath School Department; etc.