Candidates for the Alumni Association Board of Directors

  1. Kathy Hecht ’84, BA Journalism

    Why would you like to join the Board?
    “I have served the Alumni Association in a number of different capacities of the years and participated in the Alumni Council’s transition to the Board of Directors. I would like to continue to serve for an additional term.

    Professional Experience: Kathy currently serves as one of the WAU’s library technicians. She received a bachelor’s degree in Journalism during her time as a student.

  2. Quiana Oats ’04, BS Counseling Psychology

    Why would you like to join the Board?
    “I want to give back my university. To continue the legacy of excellence that this university was created to be.

    Professional Expereince: Quiana is currently the Department of Nursing’s Admission and Progressions Coordinator for Washington Adventist University. She has worked in a variety of health and human services areas over the course of her career including; health care administration, case management, grant research, and education advisor.

  3. Shawn Fordham ‘94 & ’14, BS Organizational Management & MA Public Administration

    Why would you like to join the Board? “I have an appreciation and understanding of the history of the institution and unique importance in the Washington, D.C. Metro area and the nation. In consideration of what I have gained from the excellent programs and professors, I would like to participate in WAU’s support and continued success.”

    Professional Experience: Shawn is currently a District Manager for the Social Security Administration. He has extensive experience in the government and political realms as campaign manager, public affairs specialist, and a government relations consultant. He also serves as lay pastor for his home church and has served as the president of the National Pine Forge Academy Alumni Association.

  4. Adegbola Adetosoye ’11, BS General Studies (Concentration in Psychology and Communication)

    Why would you like to join the Board? “Being part of the board would give me the opportunity to give back to the school that provided me an opportunity to become successful. WAU enabled me to become successful by providing me with tools and resources necessary to succeed. I know this university can be taken to heights it has yet to discover!”

    Professional Experience: Adegbola, or Ade as his friends call him, is social studies teacher in the D.C. public school system and the owner of FECH Moving Company. He has also worked with youth for Montgomery County, MD, the City of Alexandria, and the District of Columbia.

2015 Elections: The Alumni Association is looking for six dedicated alumni to join the Alumni Association Board of Directors. These positions include the President-elect and the Secretary. Alumni Board of Directors Elections

Download the board application

Each spring, 4-6 of the 13 seats on Alumni Board of Directors are up for election. Officers of the Association are also elected on rotating basis. All alumni are eligible to vote. Individuals wishing to be considered for a director position should complete the Board application and submit it to the office of Alumni Relations. Individuals will be approved by the current board and elections will take place prior to Alumni Weekend. Elected individuals will be notified and are expected to attend Alumni Weekend.


Who can vote in the Alumni Council election?
Any alumnus or member of the Alumni Association can vote for directors.
Who can run for Alumni Council?

Any alumnus. This includes graduates and individuals who attended for more than one semester but did not graduate.

What are the responsibilities of Board members?
The responsibilities of individual directors are to attend or participate in all scheduled meetings of the Board and the annual Alumni Weekend. Meetings are held on a monthly basis and additional meetings may be called when necessary.  Board members are expected to: be a representative and spokesperson in your community for the University and the Association; assist with identifying, cultivating interest and involving alumni with the Association and the University; contribute financially to the Association and the University. This is a volunteer position. 

How long are the Board terms?
Individual board members serve a two year term starting in April of the year they are elected. Individuals can be elected to two consecutive terms. After which individuals must step down and can run again after a term break. Some officer positions serve more than two years. (President Elect serves a year term before taking office as President and serving a two year term in this position.)

What is the process for candidacy?
The Alumni Council election cycle begins in January. Interested alumni can download a PDF of the application form once it's posted online or request a form by calling the Office of Alumni Relations. Completed applications are due by the date posted. The Board of Directors then reviews and approves all qualified candidates. Candidates are notified and Alumni Association works with candidates to procure bio information, photos, and position statements for use on the ballot. The election takes place prior to Alumni Weekend.

Contact the Office of Alumni Relations at 301-891-4151 or alumni@wau.edu.

Constitution and By-Laws

This page will soon have the constitution and by-laws.

Alumni Association Board of Directors


In 2014 the Alumni Association transitioned its leadership structure from a committee to a formal Board of Directors. The first board members were voted on during the 2014 At the 2013 to the board took place at the 2014 Alumni Business meeting where incoming board members were voted into office. The Board has 13 members including the Officers, the director of Alumni Relations, a representative from each of the three schools (School of Arts and Social Sciences, School of Health Professions, Science and Wellness, and the School of Graduate and Professional Studies), and a young alumnus.

The Board is responsible for planning and controlling the affairs of the Alumni Association; approving and coordinating Alumni Weekend events; planning and executing the activities, projects, and events of the Alumni Association; establishing subsidiary chapters and organizations of the Association.

Board of Directors

Aaron Wilson ’12, President
Aaron earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in History and American Studies in 2012 from WAU. During his time at WAU, he was a member of the WAU chorale program, President of the Black Student Union and both Executive Vice-President and Parliamentarian of the Student Association. In May 2011, Aaron was elected as a Council member in the Town of Fairmount Heights, Maryland. Term ends 2016

Laselle Carpenter ‘08, Secretary 
Laselle earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry in 2008 from Washington Adventist University. During her time at WAU, then CUC, she was a member of the Columbia Concert Winds and Secretary of the Black Student Union. Term ends 2015

Mark Young ‘95, Past President
Mark graduated with a B.A. in Communications. He has served as President of the Alumni Association from 2010 until 2014. He is deeply passionate about Washington Adventist University and its students. Term ends 2015

Peter Lombard ’05
Peter graduated with a bachelor of science degree in Business Management. During his time as a student he was heavily involved with the department of music and remains so as an alumnus. Term ends 2016

Rebecca Kabba ’08
Rebecca received her undergraduate degree in Health Care Administration and her graduate degree in Business Administration from Washington Adventist University through the School of Graduate and Professional Studies. She serves as the Board’s representative for these alumni. Term ends 2016

Laurel Bryant ‘12
Laurel is a graduate of the university’s department of Respiratory Care as well as the undergraduate and graduate Health Care Administration Programs. She currently serves the university as the assistant registrar. Term ends 2015

Stanley Grube ‘61
Stan graduated in 1961 with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. In addition to WAU, he has also served on George Washington University’s alumni association. Term ends 2016

Linelle Andrew ‘06
Linelle graduated with a degree in Counseling Psychology and is currently and elementary school teach here in the DC area. Term ends 2016

Gail Broeckel Matt ‘86
Gail received her journalism degree from WAU in 1986. She served a brief period on campus in the Office of Public Relations and was very happy to continue to serve the university on the board. Term ends 2016

Patricia Anduha ‘09
Patricia completed her General Studies degree with emphasis’ in History and Psychology. She was an active campus athlete during her time on campus and continues to support the athletic department as an alumnus. Term ends 2016

Kathy Hecht ‘84
Kathy currently serves as one of the university’s library technicians. She received a bachelor’s degree in Journalism during her time as a student. Term ends 2015

Lee Wisel ‘74
Lee has been one of the university’s longest serving faculty members. She retired from the university this past fall after 40 years of service as a librarian. She graduated in 1974 with a degree in Home Economics. Term ends 2015

Ellie Barker ‘08, Director of Alumni Relations
Ellie received both her Bachelors and Masters degrees from Washington Adventist University. She began serving as director of Alumni Relations for WAU 2013. Serves continuously as director of alumni relations.