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GIVING PRIORITY – Student Scholarships

Meet Valerie (Michelle Neyra), class of 2021, an honors student with a double-major in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations and Honors Interdisciplinary Studies and a minor in Italian. During her time at Washington Adventist University, Valerie was given the opportunity complete her minor at Willa Aurora University in Florence, Italy from 2018 to 2019, “Would it not have been for the Department of English & Modern Languages at WAU, I would not known of our Adventist Colleges Abroad program … by the hard work of scholarships, I was thankful that WAU had provided such a wonderful and life-transforming experience.” Moving forward, Valerie hopes to help those medically and clinically challenged with homeopathic remedies and unite Eastern and Western medicine. She plans to go abroad to finish her master’s in Public Administration studies, “Health has become a priority for me, focusing on fitness and mental wellness.”


Financing a college education is a challenge for most students and their families, whatever their present income. The number one challenge many students face each year is finding a way to afford their education. Almost all WAU students receive some type of financial aid, yet most students still struggle to bridge the gap between tuition and what their financial aid covers. Despite the challenge of paying for higher education, these students want to attend a university where Christ is the center of their education. 

  • 90 percent of all undergraduate students receive some form of financial aid.
  • 60 percent of students take out federal student loans.
  • 45 percent of students receive the federal Pell Grant for low-income families.


Every dollar donated has a positive impact on every student at WAU.

Together, fulfilling the Vision for 2030 is a glorious possibility.


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