Vehicle Registration

Students needing a parking permit must have their financial clearance papers with them. All students, faculty, and staff must have the following documents with them when picking up their parking permit:

1. Please register your car online: (If you have already registered the car in previous years, and it is the same car with the same information, you do NOT have to register it online again.)

2. Please bring updated registration for your car and updated proof of insurance. We will accept documents (with the correct dates) from your phone.

3. Please bring a valid Driver’s License.

4. If the car is registered in someone else’s name (someone with a different last name than you), you must have a letter from that person stating they are letting you use their car. They must provide their phone number and sign the letter.

5. After you receive your sticker, put the sticker on the car right away.


Student IDs Faculty/Staff IDs

Please bring your Faculty/ Staff ID from the previous year. A replacement ID is $50. This must be paid in cash at the Security Office.

To get your student ID, you must bring your clearance papers to the security office located at the NE corner of building 6.

Clearance papers have the green stamp as well as the initials of the financial aid person who gave them to you. Having this document is required to receive an ID. NO EXCEPTIONS.

If you are a returning student, please have your Student ID from the previous year with you.


Parking Tickets

If you get a parking ticket, you must come to the Security Office to pay the ticket (in cash, no checks or credit cards). You may also pay at accounting and take the receipt to the Security Office. If you do not pay within 10 days, the ticket will be sent to accounting whereupon the fine will be placed onto your account and the fine will be doubled. Only students are able to appeal a ticket. Faculty, Staff, and visitors cannot appeal tickets. Students who want to appeal the ticket must do so within 10 days of getting the ticket. Students can appeal the ticket by logging in to the myWau website, then click on myRegistration, then Parking Ticket Appeals. Note: Ticket Appeals can be denied. You are welcome to come in and talk to one of the Officers about your ticket during business hours.