BHCSS Testing Center

Campus Testing

  • Accommodated Testing: Complete and submit the Testing Authorization Form.
    Computer Waiver: Contact the Computer Science Department to schedule the test.
  • Nelson Denney (Reading Comprehension for Nursing Program): To schedule an appointment to take the Nelson Denney Assessment, contact the Nursing Department.
  • Placement Tests (English and Math): Contact the Center for Student Success at  or by calling 301-891-4106.
  • LASSI (The Learning and Study Strategies Inventory): Contact the Center for Student Success at or by calling 301-891-4106.

Goals and Objectives:

The Testing Services at Washington Adventist University works closely with the various academic departments, individual instructors, student population on campus, and the community at large by disseminating, administering, and proctoring tests and exams.

  1. To provide suitable testing environment for students with special needs.
  2. To facilitate testing of distance learning students.
  3. To make national and professional tests/exams available to university students and the community.
  4. To strive continually to maintain best testing practices and standards.

The Testing Center administers various types of exams and tests. Please check the policies and guidelines for each.

National Testing

WAU is a center for the following National Tests. Please click on the name of a test for information on what the test is for, fees and application procedures.

  • ACT (American College Test)
  • Distance Learning Tests—students need to make the necessary arrangements with their institution to take the test.
  • GRE (Graduate Records Examination)
  • LSAT (Law School Admissions Test)
  • PRAXIS (Teacher-certification exams)

Scheduling Procedure

In order to schedule multiple tests with various accommodations or make-up tests, the Betty Howard Center for Student Success (BHCSS) needs at least five (5) business days notice before the test date to prepare.

Below, are the steps to take to request test administration/proctoring.

  • To schedule a test administration at the BHCSS, students and/or instructors can call the BHCSS Front Desk (301-891-4106) or send an email to
    • For example, schedule an appointment on

MONDAY to take a test on the following MONDAY
TUESDAY to take a test on the following TUESDAY
WEDNESDAY to take a test on the following WEDNESDAY
THURSDAY to take a test on the following THURSDAY
FRIDAY to take a test on the following FRIDAY

  • Instructors and students must complete a Testing Authorization Form (see below) to schedule any test to be administered and/or proctored by the BHCSS. For group tests, only the instructor is responsible for completing the form (please include a roster of the testing students’ names).
  • Each test must be delivered to the BHCSS in a sealed and signed (across the seal) envelope, with a completed Testing Authorization Form attached. Without this form, the test will NOT be administered.
  • Testing hours are:
    • Mondays –Thursdays: 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
    • Fridays: 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
  • All tests must be finished by testing hour end-times. (E.g., A two-hour test must be scheduled to begin prior to or at 1 p.m., to be finished by 3 p.m.)
  • BHCSS staff will calculate the correct amount of time required for tests allotted additional time.
  • When the test has been taken, BHCSS staff will follow the directions for returning the test as specified by the Instructor, as found on the Testing Authorization Form.
  • During Midterm- and Final Examinations, testing hours will be extended. Please look for notices to this effect.

Thank you for assisting us in implementing this process for testing at the Betty Howard Center for Student Success.