Mailing Documents

EXPRESS PROCESS: Submit all of the above items at the same time in one envelope. Request that the transcripts be mailed to you, but do not open the envelopes or they will not be accepted as official. To ensure the confidentiality of the recommendations, persons providing references should enclose them in sealed envelopes and sign their names across the sealed flap.



Mail completed application to:

Office of Admissions

Washington Adventist University

7600 Flower Avenue

Takoma Park, MD 20912-7796



OWNERSHIP OF DOCUMENTS: The application form and any materials submitted to Washington Adventist University become the property of the university.

ACCURACY OF INFORMATION: All information within an application to the university must be accurate, complete, and honestly presented. Any information submitted on behalf of the applicant, such as letters of recommendation and transcripts, must be authentic. Providing inaccurate or misleading information, or omitting information on the application, maybe cause the rescission of any offer of admission or for disciplinary action, dismissal, or revocation of degree if discovered at a later date.

DENIAL: An applicant may be denied admission when evidence displays that he or she:

  • is not qualified or is underprepared to pursue a college degree.
  • engages in behavior contrary to the codes of the university.
  • has submitted fraudulent information or documents.
  • displays unstable emotional health.