Special Notes About Transcripts

Final high school transcripts are official transcripts that include the graduation date, school seal and signature of the registrar.

Official high school and college/university transcripts are defined as being produced and sealed in an envelope by the issuing school. If the seal of the envelope is broken before reaching the Admissions office it is no longer considered to be official.

Once transcripts have been submitted, they become property of Washington Adventist University and cannot be returned to the student or be released to a third party.

Partial transcripts or grade reports are sometimes accepted on a temporary basis when official transcripts are not readily available. A stop registration code is entered in the computer, which prevents registration until the final official transcripts are received. To avoid delay at registration, all official and final transcripts should be submitted to the Admissions office at least 30 days prior to registration.

The Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended December 19, 1990, requires institutions to document the student’s ability to benefit from the programs that the university provides prior to admission. This documentation determines the student’s eligibility to receive financial aid and the institution’s eligibility to participate in most programs funded by the HEA.

Documentation includes a high school diploma or recognized equivalent. If a student does not have a high school diploma, he or she must pass an independently administered test approved by the Secretary of Education. WAU prefers the high school diploma