Financial Clearance Instructions

Next Steps to Financial Clearance


  • Complete your Financial Aid Requirements

Complete your FAFSA®

Respond to all requests for documents from Student Financial Aid or our Verification partner, Inceptia.

Review your Financial Aid Offer Notification.

Students are notified of aid offers on a rolling basis after submitting their FAFSA®.

If you feel we missed some important aspect of your financial aid package, please contact Student Financial Aid by email at or by phone at 301-891-4005. You can also make an appointment by visiting

  • Accept Your Financial Aid Offer

We assume students accept all forms of financial aid offered in their notifications each year unless we are notified otherwise in writing.

To decline your loans, please complete the Sub-Unsub Form. The form is available online on the Financial Aid page of our website under Important Documents. Return the signed form to the Office of Student Financial Services.

  • Submit Your Seventh-day Adventist Employee Subsidy Form (if appropriate)

Students who are eligible to receive Seventh-day Adventist employee subsidy should fill out the Education Subsidy form and return it to WAU’s Student Financial Services Office. The Subsidy form is available online on the Financial Aid page of our website under Important Documents.

  • Complete Outstanding Requirements

First-time borrowers accepting their loans must:

    1. Complete entrance counseling at (
    2. Complete a Master Promissory Note at (

All borrowers accepting their loans must complete an Annual Student Loan Acknowledgement each year:

Complete Annual Student Loan Acknowledgement at (

  • Register for Class Sections

Work closely with your Faculty Advisor to choose courses according to your program requirements, then register for courses through WebAdvisor. For more information on how to register for courses contact the Office of the Registrar by email at or by phone at 301-891-4119.

  • Submit Proof of Health Insurance and Immunization

Proof of health insurance information including immunizations must be turned in to Student Life before the financial clearance process is complete. Proof of health insurance must be submitted annually. For more information contact Student Life by email at or by phone at 301-891-4525.

  • Complete Your Financial Clearance

Financial Clearance is FINAL only when you sign the Financial Clearance Agreement, and Promissory Note has been turned in to Student Accounts with the payment arrangements specified in the agreement. We encourage you to contact the Student Accounts office to start your clearance early and avoid long wait times. Remember, you will not be able to move into the residence hall until you are financially cleared, even if a coach or employer asks you to return to school early.

There are three options for paying your first payment or your full remaining balance:

    1. Full payment in cash, check, or credit card (online or at the Cashier Office or by phone at 301-891-4488) after financial aid is calculated
    2. Direct Parent PLUS or Private/Alternative Loan
    3. WAU Tuition Payment Plan

If you choose to enroll in the WAU Tuition Payment plan, contact us by email at, or phone at 301-891-4210.

If you enroll by July 1, there is a ten-month payment plan, after August 1st, it becomes a nine-month payment plan.

There is a one-time $75 enrollment fee.

Please contact the Student Accounts office if you are not able to make the monthly payment amount. Additional funding may be available. Students who default on the payment plan may be withdrawn from classes until their accounts are financially current.

Once Student Accounts confirms your clearance, you will be able to get your student ID, parking permit, purchase books in the bookstore, and move into your dorm room.


For more information about Student Accounts at WAU, email, or schedule an appointment, or call 301-891-4210.

Student Accounts
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