Admission of Transfer Students

All prospective transfer students must submit a complete application packet as outlined below that includes a transcript from an institutionally accredited (formerly known as regionally accredited) college or university.

Regular Acceptance

Students with the equivalent of 24 semester hours or more and evidence of a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above may be accepted with regular status without restrictions. In addition, an interview may be required. Some professional programs may have higher admission requirements, so it is recommended that students check the specific academic discipline. Students transferring with fewer than 24 credit hours will be considered based on transfer credit, combined with high school records. An interview may be required.

To ensure writing competency and enhance opportunities for successful completion of coursework, WAU may require transfer students who have not completed ENGL 101 with a “C” grade or better to complete the first-year English placement test.

Depending on a student’s written language proficiency in English, ENGL 101A may be required for as long as the Department of English and Modern Languages deems necessary. Exceptions must be petitioned to and approved by both the director of Composition and the Academic Appeals and Academic Integrity Committee.