Cooperative Education

There are numerous advantages to participating in the Cooperative Education program at Washington Adventist University.

The Co-Op program is a nationally-recognized standard for registering relevant work experience. This fact, along with WAU’s unique location in the nation’s capital, allows us to provide students with networking and placement opportunities they simply cannot get anywhere else.

Direct on-the-job involvement in a supervised, evaluated work placement broadens the overall educational offering, giving students a head-start in acquiring work experience. Numerous WAU students have shown such promise in their Co-Op placements that they have been offered full-employment after graduating.


To create an integrated learning platform through a partnership between students, Washington Adventist University and work or internship organizations. Such a partnership benefits all participants, and ultimately serves and benefits the larger community.


Fitzroy Thomas, Program Director

COOP Faculty Advisors

Joan Francis (Personnel, Pre-Law)

Melvin Roberts (Biochemistry, Chemistry)

Denver O. Swaby (Accounting, Finance, Business Management)