Leadership and Service Activity Sponsor Application

The WAU Honors College seeks to partner with academic departments and organizations both on and off-campus to provide distinctive leadership and service opportunities for its students.  To complete their interdisciplinary majors or minors, all Honors College students are required to complete three Leadership and Service Activities (worth one credit each on a student’s transcript) over a three year period.  Ideally, each Leadership and Service Activity should require a commitment of two semesters from the student, but the Honors College is open to discussing exceptions to this guideline.  In order for an activity to be approved for Leadership and Service credit, the sponsoring organization must submit an application to the Honors College detailing the duties, duration, learning outcomes, and expectations for participating students.

If your department or organization has positions or activities that would offer measurable leadership and/or service learning outcomes, we encourage you to complete this application at the earliest convenience to have an activity listed for the Fall 2018 semester.  Please be as detailed as possible.  The information you provide in this application (if approved) will assist us in promoting this activity to your students.

If your organization requires feedback on an application or assistance in identifying how your activity may meet the Honors College learning objectives, we would be happy to advise you throughout the process.  We also encourage you to consult our Leadership and Service Learning Objectives as you complete the application.  If you have any questions about the application process or require advising, please email honorscollege@wau.edu.

  • Activity Details

  • Please outline the assigned duties and expectations for participants in this activity. What skills, special knowledge, or experiences do you expect students to bring to this activity?
  • Identify the learning outcomes for students who complete this activity. What skills, special knowledge, or experiences do you expect students to receive from this activity? These outcomes are particular to your activity and separate from the Honors College mandatory learning objectives (see field below).
  • How shall this activity fulfill the mandatory learning objectives of the Honors College Leadership and Service curriculum? Please refer to each of our five learning objectives (linked at the top of the form), along with specific items from your activity description that fulfill these objectives.
  • Application Details

  • By when must students submit applications for this activity?
  • What skills or experiences to do expect applicants to bring to this activity? Does your organization give preference to applicants following particular courses of study? If applicable, please provide links to existing application materials for this activity?
  • These criteria could include but are not limited to an applicant's age, citizenship status, religious affiliation, ability to drive, access to transportation to activity site, unique skills, etc.