Office of the Registrar




New and returning students may contact our office for questions. Typical questions pertain to setting up a student account, how to register, and how to obtain certain forms.

Contact: or 301-891-4119

Note: To send WAU transcripts to another school/organization, employer, or to yourself, please send the transcript request form to

Student Forms (click here)

All student forms are online in a writeable PDF format, which allows students to electronically fill out and sign documents and submit to our office to

Transcript Requests click here


Times: (Monday through Thursday 9am to 4:30pm) and (Friday 9am to 12pm)

Note: Not all matters will necessitate an appointment time and can be handled via a telephone or email message.

Appointments should be scheduled in the form of a phone conference or via zoom. Submit your request to and address it to one of the following individuals below and detail the nature of your request. Please be specific as possible and the ideal time to schedule an appointment.

Reid Oven (Assistant Registrar) or 301-891-4119

  • Letters verifying enrollment
  • Dual Credit
  • ADD/DROP courses
  • Change in name/contact information
  • Administrative or Course Withdrawal
  • Special Student Applications

Anne Saggurthi (Assistant Registrar) – or 301-891-4123

  • Graduation Degree Audits Letters
  • Submitting Graduation Applications
  • Change in Major/Minor Forms
  • Degree Completion Letters
  • Modification Forms

Lynn Zabaleta (Interim Registrar) – 301-891-4113

  • Transfer Credit Evaluation Questions
  • Independent or Directed Study Course Registrations Questions
  • AP/CLEP/FLATS exam questions
  • Classroom Scheduling/Changes in Class Scheduling (for department chairs)
  • Questions about academic records or policies
  • Graduation Eligibility
  • Academic Petition