Helping to Educate Those Who Serve the Armed Forces

Washington Adventist University cooperates with the Department of Veterans Affairs and State Approving Agency for the certification of veterans enrolled at the university. An overview is outlined below for students eligible for veterans’ benefits.

Applying for benefits

Veterans can visit the GI Bill website to apply for benefits and view payment rates for monthly entitlement.

Student responsibility

Since the VA pays benefits only for courses that apply toward the student’s degree, it is his/her responsibility to make certain the courses he/she is taking apply toward the declared degree. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the WAU certifying official at (301) 891-4005 and verify enrollment with the VA each time he/she registers for, adds, or drops a course in order to be reimbursed appropriately by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Concurrent registration

If a student intends to register at WAU and another college or university simultaneously, he/she must first notify the WAU certifying official.

Notification of student classload to the VA

After the last day to register for classes each term, the certifying official will notify the VA of the classload for which each veteran is registered. A copy of the certification will be sent to the student.


The University is required to readmit students who left in order to join the military. The student must be readmitted in the same academic status.

Generally, the length of absence cannot be greater than five (5) years. Exceptions to this law include those veterans receiving a dishonorable discharge, or bad conduct charge, or those who were court marshaled.