Placement Tests

Washington Adventist University provides services for those students who may need to improve verbal, quantitative and reading skills. The goal is to enroll these students in appropriate developmental/remedial courses and to plan realistic schedules suited to their needs. Placement is made on the basis of ACT/SAT scores, secondary school performance and placement tests given before registration.

Placement Testing Placement testing is administered by individual programs and departments. Math and English placement tests for incoming freshmen are facilitated by the Betty Howard Center for Student Success. There are several options for taking the tests.

  1. Students may take the test on the WAU campus at no cost during regular office hours: Monday through Thursday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Friday, 8:30 a.m. to noon.

Students should call ahead and schedule a testing time so preparations can be made. It generally takes one hour to take each of the two tests. Students should make sure they arrive early enough to accommodate for the time needed to complete the test(s) during the regular office hours listed for the BHCSS.

  1. Students may take the test at a commercial testing site such as Sylvan Learning Center, Huntington Learning Center or at any college or university testing center that allows remote testing. Typically, there is a fee for this service. Students wishing to test at a remote site must contact the Betty Howard Center to obtain a voucher number that is needed to test remotely. Students must then identify a testing site and schedule a time to take the test(s). Once the test(s) are completed, the results will be automatically sent to the BHCSS.
  2. Students may take the test at home or any other private place using the Virtual Remote Proctoring process, as long as they have access to a web camera and a computer with a stable Internet connection in a secure location. Students must contact the BHCSS at 301-891-4106 to get a testing voucher number, and there is a $25 fee, payable when the student logs into the Virtual Remote Proctoring site. To use this service and schedule a proctored test date, go to Once the test(s) are completed, the results will automatically be sent to the BHCSS.

WAU provides all confirmed students access to free online resources to help them do as well as possible on their placement tests. Students will first be asked to do an assessment. Then they will be given feedback and practice exercises to help improve their scores. Students can begin preparing for their placement tests online at any time by contacting the Betty Howard Center for Student Success to obtain the login information. Once students take their placement test(s), they may see an adviser and register for classes.