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WAU Visionaries Gala


8500 River Road | Bethesda, MD | 20817

September 17, 2023 | 6 PM

A Letter from the President

Vision 2030—Growing with Excellence is the Washington Adventist University (WAU) initiative that reflects our transformative journey to grow the university into a thriving and distinctive institution of higher education, defined by excellence in all we do.

Dear Friends:
Thank you for choosing to support and contribute to the mission of Washington Adventist
University. Deep appreciation for your attendance and support of the Washington Adventist University’s annual Visionaries Gala for the past nine years. This is our 10th anniversary of raising funds to help make Christian education affordable to our valued students. During this period we have also recognized and honored an average of four individuals every year for modeling excellence in service to humanity.

This event is a significant part of Vision 2030 to fund student scholarships and to grow the university into a thriving and distinctive institution of higher education, defined by excellence in all we do. Growing with excellence will require a university community that is synchronized and aligned around a committed institutional Vision – To produce graduates who bring competence and moral leadership to their communities throughout the world. Moving forward together will ensure that this great institution emerges as a premier private Christian university that engages minds and transforms lives.
This sponsorship packet identifies the various giving options and priorities that directly support student scholarships and campus infrastructure to meet the new demands and expectations of a 21st-century higher education campus. The major priorities are:

Student Scholarships – Students are the heart of our campus. We want to make access and completion a reality for our students. We are determined not to make finance an obstacle to distinctive excellence for students. Our goal is to fund merit and need-based student institutional scholarships.
Infrastructure for the 21st Century Campus – Many of our current buildings are no longer able
to meet the demands of a 21st Century university campus. They have served the campus well over the last hundred years. It is now time to redevelop the campus for the next hundred years. We are currently working with Montgomery County on new zoning to be able to facilitate campus development. To remain competitive and cost-effective we must address our academic and student residence building and facilities.

My friends, we need your support to make Vision 2030 a reality for our students. We are
impacting the lives of our students in amazing ways, but being a private tuition-dependent institution requires us to seek additional funding for students to access and
complete their career dreams at a reasonable cost. Please consider continuing to give to student scholarships and infrastructure development. Join us on the journey to grow WAU with excellence to a future that benefits our students and the entire WAU learning community.
Thank you,
Weymouth Spence, Ed.D.

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