Honors College: Administrative and Student Leaders

This has been a strange year in many ways. While we are so glad to be on campus and learning ‘in person’, we are still modifying our daily routines because of COVID-19. But even during a pandemic (especially during a pandemic?) people are an important part what we do. The Honors College relies heavily on students — like you — to make our programs and offerings the best they can be. Our student officers (see photo above) play a major role in everything that happens at the Honors College — from social programming to leadership and service opportunities to academic engagement. To contact any officer, please email us at honorscollege@wau.edu. To see a profile of some of our former leaders and alumni, please visit our Alumni Page.

Administrative Leadership Team:

Director: Professor Bradford Haas (bhaas@wau.edu)
Professor Haas has led the Honors College (formally Honors Program) since 2004. He is also the Chair of the Department of English and Modern Languages. Professor Haas is the Director of the David Jones Research Center, an academic center based within the WAU Honors College that is dedicated to the works of Welsh poet and artist David Jones.

Associate Director: Dr. Jonathan Scriven (jscriven@wau.edu).
Dr. Scriven returned to WAU in January 2020 (he also worked at WAU from 2003-2007) after spending 13 years living and working in France. Dr. Scriven leads the efforts of two Honors College academic centers: the Center for Law and Public Policy and the Center for Global Programs, which includes Model United Nations.

Student Officers (2021-2022)

President: Erin Greenlaw
Hi I’m Erin and I am the Honors College President. I am a senior, a Health Science major, and an Honors Interdisciplinary minor. I am from California and on the softball team, as well as FYE student leader captain. I joined the Honors College my freshman year because of all the unique opportunities that it presents. At first I was skeptical about joining because I didn’t know much about it, but I am so glad I did because I was able to have amazing experiences that I would have otherwise missed out on. In my free time I like to hike, crochet, and play with my turtle, Toby.

Vice President, Special Projects: Ava Movahead Abtahi
My name is Ava Movahed Abtahi. I joined Washington Adventist University Fall of 2019 and I am currently the Vice President of Special Projects for Honors College. I am studying Pre-Medicine with an emphasis in Biology and Honors Interdisciplinary Studies and minor in chemistry. I chose the Honors College after my advisor told me that there will be a lot of activities that happen outside of campus and I like to visit new places and be part of new experiences. I enjoy volunteering at different facilities, preferably if it’s a medical facility, I love creating things with a 3D printer, and I really enjoy building Legos.  My biggest passion is helping people and taking on different adventures. My goal for the future is to become a Cardiovascular/thoracic Surgeon.

Communications and Social Media Manager: Jenevieve Lettsome
Hey! My name is Jenna (22’ she/her) and I serve as the Communications and Social media manager for the Honors College. I am a Music Pre-Law and Honors Interdisciplinary double major who’s specific interest is in International Policy. I joined the Honors College in my freshman year because I was interested in their focus in global liberal arts. When I do have free time (which is slim to none) I enjoy sewing, sleeping, reading, and baking.

Events Coordinator: Jason Garcia
Hello my name is Jason Garcia and I am a sophomore. I was born in Maryland, moved to Lexington, Kentucky when I was young, but this past year we decided to move back to Maryland. I plan on going to Med-School after college with the dreams of becoming a doctor. I decided to join Honors College because I felt like it was a great opportunity to make new friends as well as be able to work on my role as a team player. A fun fact about me is that I play basketball and love shoes like Jordans Yeezys and hype shoes.

Communications Manager: Gemora Doe
My name is Gemora Doe, and I go by “Gem.” I’m from Monrovia, Liberia, but I stay in PG county. As a junior at Washington Adventist University, I am a Biology B.S major, Chemistry minor, and Honors Interdisciplinary minor. In the future, I intend on going to Med school and going into the field of pediatrics. A close friend and professor introduced Honors College to me, explaining how it was a marvelous opportunity to be part of, and so I rushed to be. A quick fun fact about me is I enjoy writing and drawing.

Pomegranate Editor: Ana Karla Carreno
I am Anna Karla and I am a senior Music and English major. I was raised in Maryland, but my parents are Mexican and Bolivian. My ultimate dream is to become a film score composer and write musicals for a living. I chose to join the Honors College because there are a lot of opportunities for creative people like me, like workshops, retreats and traveling. A fun fact about me is that I once memorized the entirety of the movie “Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit.”