Honors College: Administrative and Student Leaders

The Honors College relies heavily on students — like you — to make our programs and offerings the best they can be. Our student officers (see photo above) play a major role in everything that happens at the Honors College — from social programming to leadership and service opportunities to academic engagement. To contact any officer, please email us at honorscollege@wau.edu. To see a profile of some of our former leaders and alumni, please visit our Alumni Page.

Administrative Leadership Team:

Director: Professor Bradford Haas (bhaas@wau.edu)
Professor Haas has been the Director of the WAU Honors College (formally the Honors Program) since 2004. He is also in charge of the B.A. English program and he specializes in modernist poetry, prose, and art. Professor Haas is the Director of the David Jones Research Center, an academic center based within the WAU Honors College that is dedicated to the works of Welsh poet and artist David Jones.


Associate Director: Dr. Jonathan Scriven (jscriven@wau.edu).
Dr. Scriven returned to WAU in January 2020 (he also worked at WAU from 2003-2007) after spending 13 years living and working in France. Dr. Scriven is in charge of the B.A. programs in History and Political Studies. He specializes in international relations and leads WAU’s Model United Nations program. Dr. Scriven coordinates WAU’s Center for Law and Public Policy, which includes the Pre-Law program, and the Center for Global Programs, which includes Model United Nations.


Robin Anthony, M.A. | History (U.K. Program)
Peter Balderstone, M.A. | English and Drama (U.K. Program)
Alex Barrientos, M.A. | Religion
Heidi Campbell, M.A. | Interdisciplinary Studies and History
Richard Grant, M.A. | English
Bradford Haas, M.A. | English
Olive Hemmings, Ph.D. | Religion
Thomas (Andy) Howell, M.A. | English and Innovation
Nicholas Miller, J.D., Ph.D. | Legal Studies
Mikhail Kulakov, Ph.D. | Religion
Samuel Perez, Ph.D. | Biology
Jonathan Scriven, D.IR. | History and Political Studies
Bogdan Scur, M.A. | Religion
Melinda Villanueva, Ph.D. | Biology

Student Officers (2022-2023)

President: Henrique DaSilva. Hi I’m Henrique and I am the Honors College Student President. I am a junior Biology and Honors Interdisciplinary major. I am from Brazil and am very involved on campus — from playing keyboard for the WAU Praise Team to doing my best to score goals as an offensive-minded midfielder on the soccer team. You can also find me each day working at the campus bookstore. I joined the Honors College my freshman year because of all the unique opportunities that it presents. I certainly haven’t been disappointed, it was one of the best decisions I made when I came to WAU. A fun fact about me is that I first came to the United States as a highschool student at Blue Mountain Academy in Pennsylvania.

Vice Presidents for Events: Jason Garcia & Achsha Hembrom
Hello my name is Jason Garcia and I am a sophomore. I was born in Maryland, moved to Lexington, Kentucky when I was young, but this past year we decided to move back to Maryland. I plan on going to Med-School after college with the dreams of becoming a doctor. I decided to join Honors College because I felt like it was a great opportunity to make new friends as well as be able to work on my role as a team player. A fun fact about me is that I play basketball and love shoes like Jordans Yeezys and hype shoes.

Achsha Hembrom (Bio coming soon).

Assistant to the Director for Model United Nations: Gopi Sunkara (Bio coming soon).

Assistant to the Director for the Pre-Law and Mock Trial Program: Ajeya Watson (Bio coming soon).