Health Services

Health services for Students

For 24/7 emergencies call or text:

Dr. Cecelia T. Lester
“Access To Care”
(301) 646-7988

Dr. Cecelia T. Lester welcomes you to WAU! As your campus physician feel free to call our office for your medical concerns and needs. We are located two blocks from campus at 7401 Flower Avenue.

Office hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm and some availability on Sundays. Appointments can be made by calling (301) 891-3030 or by contacting us by calling or texting us with your concerns at 301-646-7988 during non business hours. We are here to support your medical concerns!

The university is concerned for the health and well-being of each student.  A physician and/or nurse practitioner are available nearby for consultation by appointment. Fees for their services may be placed on the student’s account. The Urgent Care Facilities of Washington Adventist Hospital, adjacent to the campus, are available to students.

Contact Us

Halcyon Hall Desk:  301-891-4174

Morrison Hall Desk:  301-891-4043

Dr. Cecelia Lester Campus Physician: 301-891-3030

Safety & Security:  301-891-4019

Student Life:  301-891-4110