Get Involved

Jump in With WAU

College is always more fun when you engage with campus life. We encourage students to interact with the vivacity of campus life through clubs, sports, events, and more. 

Get the Complete College Experience

There are many ways to get involved with WAU life, these are just some of them. No matter what you choose to do, you can be sure there’s never a dull day on our campus. 

WAU Students OPAL Team

Participate in a Club or Organization

Connect with students, create new experiences, and discover the power of lasting friendships through one of our student organizations. 

Student Association Gathering

Be a Part of the Student Association

Power to the students –that’s what the Student Association is all about. As a member, you’ll be the eyes, ears, and voice for your fellow WAU students.

WAU Honor Societies Students at Lincoln Memorial

Join Honor Societies

Through our honor societies, we award academic excellence and give students the opportunity to challenge themselves spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.