Halcyon Hall

Welcome to Halcyon Hall, Home of world class women

Halcyon Hall is a residence hall community where you will not just sleep but will study, eat, have fun and build lifelong friendships. Your residence hall community provides a substantial opportunity for you to grow personally, intellectually, and spiritually.  For optimum growth in all areas connect and stay connected with the residence hall resident deans (RD) and resident assistants (RA). They will answer your questions, provide support, laugh and cry with you, give guidance and counsel, and help you make the most of your college experience throughout your residence life experience.

Halcyon Hall is the women’s residence hall composed of four levels (lower level, first, second, and third floors) with double-occupancy rooms and community bathrooms. There are a limited number of single rooms for upper class men which are available on a first come first served basis.

Our freshmen halls are located on the first floor which includes an honors wing for all freshmen with a 3.0 GPA and above.  Come ready to make new friends and learn the “ends” & “outs” of college life at WAU.

Each floor has two RA’s and one sub-RA (lower level has one RA). We also have a student dean (SD), First Year Residence Life Coordinator/ Assistant Dean, and Dean.



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Halcyon Hall

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Dean of Women

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