Admissions WAU Admitted Student!

Welcome WAU Admitted Student!

Follow the steps below to ensure a smooth entrance into your new life at WAU.

For All Students

As an incoming student, you must complete each of the steps below. Click on the plus sign to the right of each item to read more.

(If you’re an international student, a nursing student, or a rising scholar, you have additional steps to complete. Click here to read.)

International Student

If you’re an international student, you’ll also need to complete the steps below.

Additional Steps for International Students, Nursing Students & Rising Scholars

In addition to the steps to the left, click below for additional steps to follow if you are in one of these categories.

Nursing Student

If you’re a nursing student, you’ll also need to Submit Your Nursing Application. To do so, contact Mr. Karlens Edmond at or 301.891.4546

Rising Scholar

If you’re a rising scholar, you will need to pay your program fee of $2,500. This amount will be added to your Student Account on the first day of school.