Gary Gibbs

Gary Gibbs, President, Pennsylvania Conference

Pastor Gary Gibbs spent his childhood in Ridley Park, Pennsylvania, before moving to Louisiana when he was eight years old. His desire is to see the body of Christ grow, see people giving their lives to Jesus, and advance the mission of our church. Before joining the Pennsylvania Conference team, Gibbs served as the Chesapeake Conference Ministries Development director, responsible for evangelism, church growth and church revitalization. He was previously the vice president for the Hope Channel. Ordained in 1989, Gibbs has pastored in both Alabama and Mississippi.

Gibbs was an integral part of the Amazing Facts ministry, including founding the Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism. He is the author of several books, including The New Winsome Witnessing and Prophecies of Hope Bible study guides. He has served as a pastor, evangelist and church growth consultant. Gibbs and his wife, Sherilyn, have two teenage daughters, Carissa and Christina.