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Student Volunteers with DonationsThe COVID-19 Pandemic came as a shock to the world, including many students at WAU. Some students could not go home and had to stay on campus till this very day. Staying on campus can be hard, as many students are non-essential employees and need help with meals and support as they are not with their families. But it takes a village! And thankfully at WAU, the village is teaming up to provide for the students on campus.


Dean Renee Phillips and Dean Tim Nelson have worked hard together to provide the students with the meals they need — and it’s amazing how the community, churches, alumni, faculty, and friends have joined the mission in donating to provide for the students. “The Lord takes care of His children, no matter where they are, with those who have been assigned to do so.  It’s an amazing thing to see God’s Hand at work,” says Dean Nelson. 


Donations have come from far and wide to provide for the students. Frederick Church generously gave pantry food and it has not been wasted. There were also former alumni who gave individually. One alum heard of what was going on and ordered pizza for everyone. Another former parent, went to a Jamacian restaurant and ordered tons of food for the students, freshly cooked!  


The deans and other volunteers not only serve the food but also implement events and activities through the meals. They have Taco Tuesdays, Sunday Brunches, and Movie Nights to help the students pass through the time in quarantine! “Social distancing at your home is hard enough, imagine being in a dormitory? There’s no place like home, right?” laughs Dean Renee, “So I think everyone can relate to being stuck.”


Dean Renee is so grateful to those who have been donating. She remembers a neighbor donating turkey for the students from her Senior Center, another donating over $300 in food, and another donating $300 in Costco supplies! “I’m so thankful for the people who continue to care,” says Dean Renee, “Caring doesn’t stop at the end of school or graduation, caring lasts all the time. That’s true Christianity.” She goes on to say that she uses the meals as a time to also do a mental health check to see how the students are doing and get them out of their rooms. “If a student is missing, we check on them and ask, ‘are you coming down to eat?’”.


A student at the dorm, Haley Williams, says, “The deans have really stretched out their hands with going above and beyond to create at least one meal a day and it’s always different. It’s very nice and they make large portions! There’s also always a variety. So you get meals, from brunches, to personalized dinners.”


Loyd Yutuc, the bookstore director, has been a heavy sponsor in helping the students. He provides them with one of their favorite meals that they have every Friday night, Worthington Veggie chili! They use about 4 large cans of it!


The essential workers are provided with meals when they need it as well. “It’s a small ‘thank you’ to them for staying on campus,” Dean Renee notes. It’s an usual time on campus, this is not typical in the summer, but Dean Renee and Dean Nelson have come together with everyone else to serve meals and provide for the students’ needs! For this we are thankful!


So Donors, we thank you. This wouldn’t be possible without you! The campus is still in need of supplies, so if you would like to donate, here is a list of needed items:


  • Chilli
  • Paper plates
  • Cups 
  • Utensils
  • Takeout containers
  • Aluminum foil 


To send monetary contributions, contact Jennifer Albury at : jalbury@wau.edu or call 202.568.0273


For anymore questions please contact the Deans.


Renee Phillips

Dean of Women




Timothy Nelson

Dean of Men


(301) 891- 4046

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