Department of Education

Learning To Build Young Minds

The professional education sequence is designed to provide experiences that prepare educators for early childhood, elementary and secondary school settings. The program provides a broadbased liberal arts foundation and practical applications that foster the holistic development of students who are liberally educated and professionally prepared.

Career Opportunities

Programs in education prepare students for teaching careers in early childhood (Pre-K – 3), elementary (K-6), and secondary education (K-12) settings as well as for educational work in trades and industries. With appropriate training and/or licensing, students may enter teaching careers or find positions in curriculum development, pupil personnel (particularly residence hall deaning), evaluation and educational administration. Graduates may also serve as church educators directing religious educational programs and Bible instruction in local church settings. Washington Adventist University offers liberal studies degrees that emphasize special education in the elementary and early childhood programs. This focus prepares graduates to fulfill roles in various teaching and co-teaching settings, addressing diverse learning needs.

 The programs are designed for those interested in working with children and/or youth in childcare settings, preschools, before and after care programs, vocational training, or youth centers, and secondary schools.

Programs Offered

Liberal Studies: Certification and non-certification Early Childhood/Special Education (BA), Liberal Studies: Elementary/Special Education (BA), Physical Education (BS), Mathematics Education (BS), Music Education (BM), and English Education (BA).

The degree programs lead to teacher certification and are accredited by the NAD and MSDE. These programs are also offered through the School of Graduate and Professional Studies and address the needs of Paraprofessional Educators desiring to earn a Bachelors degree in preparation to enter their own classrooms for fulltime practice. For further information, please see the School of Graduate and Professional Studies section of the Bulletin.

Read the Department of Education section in the Academic Bulletin.


The Washington Adventist University Department of Education is fully accredited and has met all standards associated with State Program Approval.  Based on campus visits and documentation submitted by WAU and reviewed by a Maryland State Department of Education evaluation team, Washington Adventist University continues to hold Maryland State Programs Approval until 2023.

Department Information

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