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For those of us who have been intoxicated by the powers and possibilities of mathematics, the mystery isn’t why that fascination developed but why it isn’t universal. How can students not be entranced? So profound are the effects of math for those who have felt them, that you never really become a former mathematician … but one who has ‘lapsed,’ as if it were an apostasy.
— Edward Rothstein, New York Times

Bachelor of Arts (Science) in Mathematics

The Mathematics program provides students with the essential theoretical foundation in all branches of modern math and the practical experience of solving quantitative problems. This foundation includes groups and rings, functions of real and complex variables, logic and geometry, probability and statistics, differential equations and numerical methods.

A natural complement to any of the life science or social science majors, the mathematics major also works on its own to open various career paths in the Washington Metro area, including jobs with the census bureau, regulatory agencies, public policy think tanks, and scientific agencies such as NASA, Department of Energy, or NOAA.

Mathematics B.S. Sample Course Sequence

Bachelor of Arts (Science) in Mathematics Education

The mathematics education major offers future elementary and secondary school teachers the chance to cement their understanding of foundational mathematics, allowing them to deliver content-rich lessons to future generations of leaders and knowledge workers.

Mathematics B.S. with Education Suggested Course Sequence

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Dr. Issa Kagabo, Professor, Chair
Phone: 301-891-4171