Business Department Faculty

Andrea Baldwin, MBA, Ph. D


Education Profile

Dip. Teaching, Hons. (1984) & BS. Mgmt. Studies, Hons., University of the West Indies, Jamaica (1989); Cert. Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship Ctr., University of Technology, Jamaica (1992); MBA (Gen. Mgmt.), Universidad-de-Montemorelos, Mexico (1994); Ph. D (Curriculum, Instruction with cognate in H.R. & O.B.), Phi Kappa, Phi, Andrews University, MI, USA (2007).


Dr. Andrea Baldwin has been a Professor in higher education for over 16 years inclusive of 6 years as a College Dean. She has worked in the Caribbean, Mexico and the USA. Her specialties are in Business Administration/Management Studies, Marketing, H.R., Ethics, Curriculum, Instruction and Research. She has also worked in banking, small business management and the hospitality industry. She brings a rich history of experience and research from multi-cultural perspectives to inform her instruction and delivery in the classroom. Students can expect to receive interactive lectures, simulations, debates, field trips and other instructional strategies as they derive meaning from the subject matter, peers, resource materials and make applications to life. As a curriculum and instructional specialist, Dr. Baldwin continues to explore the teaching learning space across the various dimensions of learning (cognitive, affective and psychomotor) to keep her instruction and scholarship innovative and dynamic.

Professional Activities

Dr. Baldwin enjoys scholarly engagements and has presented over 39 scholarly papers at conferences in the USA, Mexico, Canada, Brazil and Jamaica. She has also published several peer-reviewed articles and a book chapter entitled The Internationalization of Curriculum Studies: The Contribution of Jamaica’s Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Chapter 6 in The Curriculum: Whose Internationalization? Edited by Joao Paraskeva, Peter Lang Publisher, NY in 2016. One of her notable contributions has been to participate as a team member in the development of a white paper on MSME’s: A Policy Framework for Jamaica. Her research contributions are in the areas of MSME’s, Teacher & Leadership Dispositions, the Internationalization of Curriculum Studies and Spirituality. Dr. Baldwin is a past-Chair of the Caucus committee for the Academy of Management as well as a peer reviewer. She has been the chair of the Taskforce on the Internationalization of Curriculum Studies for the American Association for the Advancement of Curriculum Studies since 2011. Her most recent research presentation has been at the Enactus World Cup in San Jose, CA., October 2018. Her work with Enactus at WAU has led the students to two Regional Championships and this year her work takes on a new slant as she prepares the team for their first overseas project in El Salvador. Dr. Baldwin is a Christian. She loves people, believes in the sacredness of every moment and values the ability to contribute meaningfully to life.