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Bridge Program

Bridge Program, July 6 – August 7, 2014

What is the Bridge Program?

The Bridge Program is a year-long academic venture aimed at giving students a head start in their college experience and providing support throughout their freshman year.  It begins with a rigorous five week academic session that will run from July 6 through August 7, 2014. This program will allow students to focus on academics, while building confidence in their ability to succeed at Washington Adventist University (WAU). Students will grow through practicing appropriate learning and study strategies, and building math and language skills. The summer program will place program participants ahead of other entering first-year students, making the transition from high school to college smoother. Students will become more familiar with the WAU campus community and build connections with faculty and staff members. In addition, students will make new friends while having fun. Bridge Program  students will receive personal attention from the program’s staff and faculty. The program also includes an academic year plan where students receive a faculty mentor and continuing academic and social programming throughout the freshman year and any needed support in the sophomore year and beyond.

Who Should Apply for the Bridge Program?

Students who have applied and have been recommended for the Bridge Program in order to gain acceptance to WAU, and students who want to ensure that their transition from high school to college is successful. Successful completion of the Bridge Program guarantees acceptance to WAU for the Fall 2013 semester.

How Will I Benefit From the Program?

•    Enroll in math, English, and study skills courses. Earn credits toward graduation.
•    Learn and develop valuable study skills that will help you throughout college.
•    Improve writing skills.

How Much Does the Program Cost?

The cost of the Summer Bridge Program is $2,500 but students who complete the program and continue their education here at Washington Adventist University will pay only $700. Should you choose to enroll at another academic institution for the fall semester you are responsible for the full $2,500.

What Should I do to be Considered for the Program?

•    Apply to WAU
•    The Admissions office will notify you if you meet the Bridge criteria.
•    Fill out and submit the Bridge application by June 1st and submit a $250 Deposit. (The balance of $450 is due July 7).