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Campus Discipline

Washington Adventist University is committed to the safety and security of its students, faculty, staff and vistors. To that end, the campus violence prevention plan specifically addresses the university protocal to the prevention and reduction of violent incidents.
The plan is inter-disciplinary and is dedicated to ensuring every known behavioral or violenct incident is addressed adequately following established campus policies and procedures. Washington Adventist University campus violence prevention is founded on principle of early intervention and proactive engagement to prevent violence and provide supportive services.


Bystander Intervention

Intervening as a bystander means to recognize a potentially harmful situation or present danger and choose to respond in a way that could positively influence the outcome of the situation.

Step Up and Speak Up!

There are five steps to helping when you witness a harmful situation:
1. Notice the Event:  Pay attention to the events that are unfolding around you. Do not distract yourself away from the situation.
2. Interpret It as a Problem: Sometimes it is hard to tell if someone needs help. Error on the side of caution and investigate. Don’t be sidetracked by ambiguity, conformity or peer pressure.
3. Assume Personal Responsibility:  Do not give in to Bystander Syndrome and assume someone else will do something. Have the courage and confidence to STEP UP & SPEAK UP!
4. Know How to Help: DO NOT put yourself in DANGER! DO SOMETHING! Help can be direct or indirect.
5. Implement the Help – Act! Do not wait. Act as soon as possible.

Research shows that if you are alone you will help 80% of the time but if you are in a group you will help only 20% of the time because of Bystander Syndrome- which causes people in a group to assume that someone else will do something. Every student, faculty, and staff is a part of the Washington Adventist University community and is responsible for keeping everyone in the community safe! You are your brother and sister’s keeper!

Recognizing Red Flags in a Relationship
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How to help a friend in an abusive relationship

National Campaigns
Sexual Assault Awareness Month
Denim Day
Domestic Violence Awareness Month


Who and Where to Report
For emergencies, immediately dial 911

Report any incidents to the police (301-565-7744) or contact campus security