Convocation – 9.9.20 – A Call To Action In Their Honor

Written by: IMC Department

WAU Convocation for September 9, 2020, brought students, faculty, and staff together from all departments to take a stand for social justice. Student Success VP, Ralph Johnson, is leading a campus-wide emphasis on “Social Justice” as the issues on this topic continue to rise. VP Johnson plans to dedicate the whole of W.I.S.E. week (September 21-25, 2020) to this cause and hopes that this will help people understand how they can make a difference for the future.

Convocation offered the opportunity to be honored by having Claudia Allen, an international speaker, writer, and activist for justice, speak to our community. Her dynamic speech spoke to the hearts of all who listened, giving a powerful perspective on what God’s people should be doing for the justice of the world.

During her speech, Claudia addressed the reasons on why we gather together — it’s for the deaths from police brutality, the racism across the nation, the natural disasters consuming the world…”Enough is Enough!” she declares, giving a call to action that as disciples of Christ, we can’t stay to the side while “the earth moans”. If we want change, if we want justice – we must speak up and stand.

She encouraged that not only does God answer the cries of his creations but he also restores. We are the very reflection of Christ, shouldn’t we do the same when we hear and see the pain in the world? We are called stand.

“It’s our complacency that empowers injustice. How long will it take before we realize that the gospel is to be lived not lectured?”

Claudia encourages us to stand, just like Jesus did. To view the full speech, click image below: 


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