Fall 2021 Week In Spiritual Emphasis

Written by: IMC

Each semester Washington Adventist University presents its “Week In Spiritual Emphasis,” or WISE Week. The week could be generalized into a week of prayer but truly aims to bring greater enlightenment to our campus community.


This year the Center for Student Life invited well-known speaker Pastor Victor Bartley to present for the week. His theme for the week is: This Is Us Me:  The Audacity of Authenticity


Pastor Victor Bartley has challenged the campus community to live God’s plan for our lives confidently and uniquely.


WISE Week runs from September 20-25. Each day’s title and emphasis are below.

(Monday) “Filter-Free Selfie”

The aim in most selfies is to capture the perfect picture, but the worth of the picture is in the people not perfection.  Have you embraced the unfiltered and most authentic version of you?  

(Tuesday) “Talking Trees”

From conception, your family of origin gave you ethnicity, genetics and a name.  While these facts are known at birth, this same tree of origin provides a life compass for your journey.  What are the messages of the voices from your tree?

(Wednesday) “Director’s Cut”

A director has discretion that cast members don’t have.  The director remains the director while cast members often stay in character for the script.  In society’s script, are you in-character or showing up as yourself?

(Thursday) “Sounds of Life”

Life’s journey is an invitation to listen well.  The soundbites of your path offer insights for clarity about your divine calling.  Have you learned to listen?

(Friday) “Ubuntu”

Each of us wants to be productive and successful.  The path of success is never taken alone but a community of support goes with you.  Who in your community is destined to join you?

(Sabbath) “I’m Not Afraid To Dream”

What are you afraid of?  At times, fear hides in secret places of the human heart and mind.  Have you broken the chains of its hold on the life you were created to live?

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