Compliance, Operations, Institutional Research & Effectiveness

Led by the Chief of Institutional Effectiveness and Technology, the Office of Compliance, Operations, Institutional Research and Effectiveness provides the following functions: Institutional Research, Institutional Data, Support of Academic Assessment, Co-curricular Assessment, Institutional Effectiveness, Institutional Accreditation, Compliance Tracking, and Support of Strategic Planning. To learn more about the support of functions within COIRE (Compliance, Operations, Institutional Research and Effectiveness) see COIRE functions.

Student Right to Know

In accordance with the Student Right to Know Act, these disclosures provide students and prospective students with retention and graduation rates for first-time, full-time, degree seeking students, including disaggregated rates by gender, for financial aid recipients, by race categories, student athletes, and other student groups.

These disaggregated rates are to be disclosed only if the number of students in each group is sufficient to yield statistically reliable information and/or not reveal personally identifiable information about and individual student.

Student Employment Outcomes

Details on job placement, along with graduate school placement, is provided in greater detail for programs on academic department pages. Job placement for graduates is summarized here, based on LinkedIn self-reported information from WAU graduates, Alumni can self-report the academic program or field of study, the type of work they now do, the location of their employment, and their areas of expertise.


Ricardo Flores, MBA
Chief of Institutional Effectiveness and Technology
Phone: (301) 576-0123

The Chief of Institutional Effectiveness and Technology is responsible for the oversight and monitoring of institutional compliance for federal, state, church, and accrediting bodies.  Leads initiatives to support institutional effectiveness (e.g., balanced scorecard, evidence of meeting institutional strategic plans and goals, dashboards, etc.).  Leads quality-improvement initiatives to improve services and processes. Serves as institutional accreditation liaison for WAU.

Jonathan Peter, MBA
Director of Institutional Research
Phone: (301) 891-4226

The Director of Institutional Research has the following responsibilities: 1) reports (federal, state, college guides, other), documentation, and records needed for all institutional reporting, 2) identifying data integrity issues and assisting with resolution 3) database maintenance (such as cohort, retention and grad rates), 4) quantitative institutional effectiveness (i.e., balanced scorecard support), and 5) support of internal surveys.

Kylah Martin, MSCID
Associate Director of Institutional Assessment

The Associate Director of Institutional Assessment supports the expanding compliance tracking needs including web requirements, mandatory training for personnel, the rigorous reporting requirements for MSCHE and AAA accreditation including follow up on recommendations, detailed standard reports, and Federal compliance tracking. Also supports accountability of the strategic plan.

Administrative Assistant
Phone: (301) 891-4052

A dedicated assistant focused on supporting each member of the department. Serving as the intermediary between projects and personnel, the administrative assistant alleviates departmental pressures and helps to keep maximum efficiency. Additionally, the assistant maintains complaint tracking, emergency aid requests and COIRE procedural documents.