Business Department Faculty

Jude E. Edwards


Education Profile:

D.B.A. in International Business Administration, Nova South Eastern University, Ft. Lauderdale 2003
M.S. in Telecommunications Management, UMUC, College Park, MD 1998
B.S. in Information Systems and Computer Science, UMUC, College Park, MD 1995
M.S. in Health Care Administration and Informatics (course Work), UMUC, College Park, MD


Born in Barbados, Dr. Edwards has more than 40 years of experience and increasing responsibilities with several multinational corporations in the areas of Management and Business Development and Administration; Organizational Development and Leadership and Conflict Resolution; Health Care Informatics Systems; Information Communication Technologies, Systems Engineering and E-Commerce.

In 1999, Dr. Edwards switched his professional focus from the corporate world and has taught at several universities before coming to WAU. Dr. Edwards served for one year as the Dean of The School of Graduate and Professional Studies. He has over ten years of undergraduate and graduate teaching experience using Online, Hybrid, and In-Class delivery formats. He has been a keynote speaker, international conference presenter, guest lecturer and has published extensively.

Research and Professional Activities:

Dr. Edwards’ current research includes business relationships between Clinical Informatics Decision Support Systems and health care delivery systems. Dr. Edwards is also a consultant to “Energize the Chain” (UN/UNICEF sponsored) to deliver vaccines and develop health care systems in underserved areas around the world.