Programmatic Admission Information

Medical Laboratory Science

Freshmen Admission

Freshmen are admitted according to the general university policy as outlined in the Academic Bulletin. Students entering the WAU Medical Laboratory Science program are expected to have a strong background in science and mathematics. Secondary school courses in biology I and II, algebra I and II, geometry, chemistry, physics, and trigonometry are strongly recommended. Placement examinations in mathematics and English, along with SAT/ACT scores in mathematics and verbal reasoning, are used for placement in college-level biology, chemistry, mathematics, and English courses. The placement exams are administered by the Betty Howard Center for Student Success.

Admission to the Clinical Laboratory Science Program at Andrews University

Admission to the senior year clinical courses requires:

  1. Successful completion of all prerequisite coursework, including WAU general education and cognate science courses, and successful completion of summer pre-clinical courses at Andrews University.
  2. An overall college GPA of 2.50 or above.
  3. A GPA of 2.50 or above in all cognate science and medical laboratory science content courses.
  4. Submission of a Clinical Year Application directly to the Department of Clinical and Laboratory Sciences at Andrews University.  The application, which is available from the Andrews University CLS department, includes two references and may include a personal interview.  Students should submit the application by January 31 prior to their anticipated clinical-study year.