Ready for You! Business Department

Written by: IMC Department

As one of Washington Adventist University’s largest departments, the Business Department is excited to start a new semester with its students back on campus. Each of the department’s faculty is on task to help and mentor each student in guiding them towards their goal. Cultivating their interpersonal, communication, and business analytical skills, the Business Department prepares its students for graduate school, law school, and a successful career in the business and corporate world!

WAU’s Business Department offers two-degree programs at the undergraduate level: a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. A BS in Business Administration is customizable to the students’ interests with available concentrations in entrepreneurship, finance, international business, management, or marketing. This program is designed for those wanting to run their own business or work in public or private businesses and the corporate world. It is even possible to combine concentrations into one concentration for multiple fields of interest; for example, an entrepreneurship and management concentration has become popular for students planning to own and manage their own businesses. In particular, a Bachelor of Science in Accounting would be for students preparing for accounting careers in business, government, and nonprofit or for-profit organizations. Also, as one of the leading pre-law degrees, earning a business degree would prepare students for law school and specializations like corporate law or tax law.

Business students are required to complete an internship before they graduate, which is a significant advantage for when they join the workforce. With access to the Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area, students are provided the opportunity for practical training at several local businesses and corporations. Many students are able to find full-time employment soon after graduation–some internship opportunities become available sites for full-time employment after graduation as well.

As an extracurricular, the Business Department is a part of ENACTUS, which is an international nonprofit organization that brings together students, academic leaders, and business professionals as a community that is committed to helping others, using entrepreneurial action to improve other businesses and the standard of living for people in need. Students at WAU will be able to work on projects for local–and perhaps international–businesses to build on their business and marketing plans, etc. This experience teaches students invaluable leadership, teamwork, project management, and communication skills, with a gained perspective needed to navigate our current world. ENACTUS runs several regional and national competitions for differing institutions, from which WAU’s ENACTUS team has won several trophies during its run. Although it has been dormant during the past year due to the pandemic, the ENACTUS program will continue as of the coming Fall semester and is open to all student majors who may be interested.

Business students who are more academically inclined may also be invited to Sigma Beta Delta during their junior or senior year. Sigma Beta Delta is a national honor society for students in business, management, and administration. It recognizes the scholarship and achievements of each student, who have access to scholarships and receive a medallion after initiation in recognition of their lifetime membership. To be eligible for membership, a business student must be in the top 20% of their class and have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.4.

If you are interested in a business degree and are passionate about working to change your community for the better, Washington Adventist University is the place for you. Our Business Department offers students invaluable opportunities for leadership and team-building experiences that will prepare them for every challenge in their business careers. The Business Department is Ready For You!

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