Service Day 2021: Connecting the Campus to the Community

Written by: IMC Department and Student Life

Service Day is when the campus comes together and volunteers services to the community. This day is linked to the principal goal of Washington Adventist University (WAU), which is being the “Gateway to Service.” On this campus, volunteering service is an extension of the classroom, bringing students into the surrounding communities to experience giving to those in need.

WAU is filled with students who are developing and competent moral leaders. Their potential to change their communities and the world around them is thoroughly enriched by the experiences they share during their time at WAU. Every “Service Day” is to encourage them and fuel their drive for leadership and service, so when they leave campus, they are passionate and ready to share their gifts with the communities around them.

This day is not only for the students but also for faculty and staff. It provides an opportunity for everyone to share the love of Jesus through giving back and paying it forward. This form of volunteering is not only helping others but also helping the ones who give, fostering an exciting and encouraging environment by sharing faith tangibly.

This semester’s focus on voluntary community services ranges from cleaning up communal areas in the community and packing food boxes for distribution to various virtual opportunities. This day’s purpose is all about building awareness of community needs and facilitating ways for everyone to respond to those needs. For the first time this year, there will be a Food Drive! In partnership with Adventist Community Services of Greater Washington, this event was promoted to over 18,000 households in the community. WAU is excited to see the impact in our community from this new project and other projects each of our students, faculty, and staff take part in this year.



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