Campus Ministries

Weekly Themes
Fall semester – 2019
Office of Ministry
Washington Adventist University

All Units, Departments, Faculty, Staff, Students, RAs, Convocation, Vespers, Campus Worship Leaders are encouraged to follow these weekly themes based on “Exceptional”. Sermons, devotional talks, Residence Hall worship, Classroom worship thoughts should be based on these themes.



Theme Bible Verse
August  26 – August 31(2019) Only one God 1 Corinthians 8:5,6
September 2 – September 7 (2019) All things come from God James 1:17
September 9 – September 14(2019) God Wants to Know You


Psalms 14:2
September 16 – September 21(2019) Sustainer
Hebrews 1:2-4
September 23 – September 28 (2019) A God who Serves Mark 10:45
September 30 – October 5 (2019 A God who Knows All

Service Day

Psalm 139:4
October 7 – October 12 (2019 Alpha & Omega Revelation 21:6-7
October 14 – October 19 (2019) Lasting Joy John 16:22
October 21 – October 26 (2019) Satisfying Joy John 15:11
October 28 – November 2 (2019) Ever Present Joy
1 Chronicles 16:27
November 4 – November 9 (2019) Spirit Field Joy 
Galatians 5:22
November 11 – November 16 (2019) Sacrificial Joy
Luke 15:6-7
November 18 –  November 23 (2019) Deliberate Joy Romans 12:12
November 25 – November 30 (2019) Thanksgiving Break Psalm 50-23
December 2 – December 7 (2019 Your Strength Nehemiah 8:10


Campus Ministries


Is a weekly service that serves as encouragement for the campus community to continue throughout the week.


Is the official vespers program of the University. It is a weekly worship that allows students to be involved and engaged in the service. It offers unique hands-on worship opportunities through various activities and spiritual discussions.


The prayer ministry seeks to provide a strong connection with God through constant prayer by someone connected to each ministry. The prayer ministry is comprised of a strong group of prayer warriors dedicated to pray for each ministry and at each service


Encouragement Ministries is geared at providing encouragement and support to students/staff/faculty of Washington Adventist University who are going through rough times or celebrating a special occasion. Encouragement Ministries also serve as worship facilitators and prayer warriors for all campus worship services. It is also the goal of the ministry to empower and encourage students to fulfill their goals as students and future citizens of the global community.


Ignite is a Saturday afternoon service geared at providing the campus community a time of fun, fellowship, and worship. It is intended to be Christ-centered, and spiritually creative, providing a space for learning, growing, and gathering.


The bible studies ministry seeks to provide adequate opportunities for students who are committed to Christ to grow spiritually or prepare those for baptism who are seeking to know more about Christ through the study of God’s word.


Silent Judah is a sign language ministry that seeks to share God’s love to his people through signing and praise-dance. It also serves as a worship-enhancer for all campus worship services and programs.


Public Relations is a vital part of the Campus Ministries Department. It is responsible for providing the campus community with adequate, reliable, and on-time information concerning the events and happenings of the Campus Ministry department.


The Audio/Visual team is a vital part of the programming of all CM events and activities. It is responsible for the sound and video projection of all cm services, events, and happenings, including: Chapel, Friday Night vespers, Missions week, WISE, etc.


The Drama team is an expression of worship through art. It consists of a team of people full of energy willing to use to perform with a prayerful hope that they will assist in bringing someone closer to God.