Strategic Plan

The purpose of the WAUPlan is to provide a directional map for the development and support of a strategic mix of high-quality academic programs, academic support services, instructional delivery systems, and expanded student markets. The WAUPlan encompasses the entire University as well as national and international educational partnerships. It provides the framework and direction for each academic and administrative support department to develop annual operational and long-term strategic action plans. This is a rolling, continuous plan that is reviewed and updated annually. Input is sought from a wide variety of individuals and groups across the internal and external learning community. Following review and approval by the Strategic Planning Committee, the WAUPlan is presented to the Board of Trustees for discussion and endorsement by the President. At the heart of the WAUPlan are the strategic objectives as well as performance indicators for assessing progress toward goal achievement. The WAUPlan provides the foundation and direction for the additional planning actions required at the academic and non-academic department levels.
The focus of the University administration is to create, support, enhance, and assess the learning-centered environment that is central to Washington Adventist University’s vision of growth, excellence, and leadership and its mission to develop the whole person by inspiring faith in a loving Creator God and encouraging a passion for knowledge, truth, and service to humanity. To view the strategic plan in its entirety, click here
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