Thirty-One Years of Dedication

Washington Adventist University (WAU) offers an on-campus site where students, faculty, staff, and visitors alike can purchase textbooks, supplies, and snacks, rather than having to set time aside to go off campus or having to wait on packages to arrive. We are also fortunate to have our line of WAU apparel in-store. This story is on the man – quite literally – behind and on the scene, Mr. Lloyd Yutuc who has been working at WAU for thirty-one years and twenty-five of those years as our Bookstore and Mailroom Manager.

Right after graduating from Phillippine Union College (now the Adventist University of the Philippines), Mr. Yutuc worked for six years as the manager of the Home Health Education Service (HHES) in the Philippines. He also set aside time to work in the Philippines Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) community. Fueled by a desire to continue working in the Adventist community, Mr. Yutuc was delighted when a position opened up at Columbia Union College (CUC) in 1988 and has continued to work here ever since.

His first position on campus was as a stock person for the cafeteria – meaning it was his job to order all the food products and materials for the food service. Eventually, he was promoted to supervisor, but when an external company came in, they liked what he did and promoted him to assistant manager at the cafeteria. Not much later, a position opened up at the bookstore, and he was asked to come down to work as its new manager; that was about twenty-five years ago. The bookstore opened up before Yutuc was decidedly transferred, but it was facing financial difficulties. The University decided at that point to make the bookstore smaller and use the leftover space for offices. The location where Student Life and Ministry currently reside was once part of the bookstore, so, essentially, the bookstore is now half of its original size. When Mr. Yutuc came down to work at the new bookstore, he quickly implemented new ideas as to how to increase profit and manage the bookstore effectively. Yutuc initiated plans to avoid waste and keep current merchandise available. He also established a good line of apparel for the students; designed in current fashions that students would like.

During his time here, Mr. Yutuc is very proud to say that both of his daughters, Anjeli and Katherin, graduated from WAU. The older daughter graduated with a degree in Biology. She now has a Masters in Public Health at Loma Linda and was hired right after she graduated. The second daughter graduated from WAU four years ago with a degree in Public Relations, and she also was employed by Loma Linda. Now, they both work for Global Health; the eldest works with international projects while the youngest works on local projects. “I am very happy both of my kids came to WAU…they are gainfully employed, good citizens of the world and WAU has prepared them for life,” expressed Yutuc.

Mr. Yutuc also has many other talents that he has shared with the university. Have you ever noticed those captivating food displays at several WAU functions? If you have, most likely, it was his work. Being the Social Committee Chair, when he plans and prepares the parties and events for WAU, creating food art displays is something that he enjoys to do. He also paints the backdrops for Student Life. He has several small gardens – he is fond of Japanese gardens, doing things like creating zen gardens and tending and shaping bonsai trees – and he designed several terrariums made to display little but gorgeous scenes of nature. Moreover, if you have had the pleasure of attending some of his cookouts, you would also know that he enjoys cooking.

Working here as a food stock person to the Bookstore and Mailroom Manager for the thirty-one years he has been here, Mr. Lloyd Yutuc has made a tremendous change through his service at WAU. He has also helped the beautify the campus with his works of art. Including his work in the bookstore, Mr. Yutuc has contributed much to the university – in both his work and his passions.

by Shannon Smith
Intern, Integrated Marketing and Communications

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