W.I.S.E. Week | Spring 2021

Written by: IMC Department

On Monday, February 1, 2021, Washington Adventist University (WAU) opened the observance of Black History month with a Week in Spiritual Emphasis (W.I.S.E). The W.I.S.E. theme for this week is “Knowing Christ”—growing closer to Jesus Christ through our knowledge of His attributes. The first featured speaker, Justino Jorge, started W.I.S.E. week speaking on the subject of like Jesus, regardless of wherever you come from, people are worth more than the place they come from. Jesus sees you for who you are and makes you ‘visible.’


On Tuesday, Justino felt moved by God to share a vulnerable experience of his, sharing that through intentionality and intensity, our faith in Jesus can make us whole. We can be healed by Jesus Christ if we let Him. “When Jesus helps us, when Jesus heals us, when we are invisible to the world, Jesus comes to our rescue…Jesus looks at all of us,” Justino said. 


The next speaker for W.I.S.E. week was Javier Scharon. Javier continued speaking on the theme of “Knowing God” and connected it with eternal life. He mentioned that, “ Eternal life is equated with knowing God, knowing Jesus. To know someone is to invest valuable time with that person. To know someone is to experience their character, to experience their personality, to experience their emotions…. You will only know Christ if YOU decide you want to enter a relationship with Him. Eternal life lies in continuing to know God and Jesus every single day, through Scripture, through prayer, through an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.”


We’ve been blessed so far with the different speakers that we have heard for W.I.S.E. week. The theme, “Knowing God” is very important in the times we live in. And it brings great joy and encouragement to learn more of how closer we can be to God. All the speakers for W.I.S.E. week are young and passionate people for Christ. There is so much power in the youth speaking in His name and WAU couldn’t be more proud of the students involved and the community that supports them.


Let us remember to speak life into one another and encourage each other. Take time this week to learn more about God! We promise you, it will be a blessing!


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