Washington Adventist University Compliance Specialist Completes Doctor of Public Administration

Takoma Park, MD. (January 17, 2019)— Washington Adventist University’s (WAU) Compliance Specialist and Adjunct Faculty in the School of Graduate and Professional Studies Morris Thompson, completed the requirements for his Doctor of Public Administration and graduated from West Chester University in December. His dissertation “A Study on the Effects Community Partners Have on the Social and Educational Effectiveness of Title I Schools” will soon be available through the West Chester University digital commons repository.

Thompson received a research grant from the Race, Ethnicity & Place Conference, a biannual scholarly meeting organized by several universities in the United States, toward his research on the formation of African-American ghettos in the United States and the growth stunt of the African-American middle class. Thompson presented this research at the University of Texas – Austin in Austin, TX in October of 2018. This research is a part of a book that he is writing on 20th century race-based federal and state housing policies and how it lead to the creation of African-American ghettos in the 20th and 21st century

“The motivation for my dissertation topic derived from my passion for middle and lower class America,” expressed Thompson. “Through my research, I hope to help grow awareness on the local, state, and federal level which calls attention to some of the challenges lower and middle-class families face every day.”

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