WAU Celebrates Another Service Day, Making A Difference In The Community

Written by: Richard Castillo

Capital Food Bank Box on the conveyor belt.Takoma Park, MD –  Washington Adventist University held its 2020 Fall Service Day on Wednesday, October 7, 2020. Thanks to the Center for Student Life team, what could have been a bust because of COVID-19 became a great success. Available students were invited to choose between two major local events, while students studying virtually were challenged to make a difference in their local communities.


At 8:30 am, a team left for the Capital Area Food Bank in Washington, D.C. WAU student and staff got a quick lesson in proper box packing and joined a conveyor belt of volunteers filling boxes with food items for those in need. Sharon Conway, an eight-time veteran of Food Bank work on services days, said, “I think it’s wonderful! I think it teaches everybody about what community means and how you can help others who are less fortunate. You always get this great feeling about it, and you get to see the students with a big smile, less so now with the masks, but we know they’re smiling. They feel so good afterward”.


At 8:45 am, a team of students, faculty, and staff walked down to Sligo Creek and began picking up trash and debris along beautiful Sligo Creek. Students even found themselves in the creek at times, doing their utmost to get every last scrap of trash they could find. Provost Cheryl Kisunzu joined the group. “I am so proud of our students, that they care for the earth, and as a result, enrich our quality of life with the abundant living that is available to all of us.”


The day continued as Dr. Gilberto Zelaya, Community Empowerment and Public Relations Officer for the Montgomery County Board of Elections, presented a comprehensive look at the voting process in Montgomery county where WAU is located. He offered insight into the way that students can take part in the process, as well as how to avoid the pitfalls. Students, faculty, and staff asked questions and gained an excellent education from the area’s source.


The campus came together online to celebrate Service Day and share how they were affected and blessed. WAU is proud of its tradition of service embodied in the Gateway to Service, which is the focus of branding and how the university wants to present itself to the world. Our students have embraced this call to service, and the world is benefitted through the ideal that they carry through their careers.


We look forward to our next Spring Service Day as we hope to have all of our students on campus!


Watch our videos documenting some of the events:

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